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We're not a one-size-fits-all PR shop. 
We're more of a custom-built-for-clients
kind of place.

Atrium works with each client prospect to identify the services needed to
accomplish key business goals. We do not charge an hourly fee, we bill by the
package, ensuring that you get what you pay for when you work with us. 
The following is our menu of service offerings:


You must walk before you can run, so before introducing our clients to journalists, we take them through a comprehensive educational module to help them feel confident and relaxed with press, break down complex ideas into digestible language and turn insights into sound bites.


Our team analyzes a client’s business and designs a press target list based on
PR goals. We then facilitate press introductions, turning our clients into sources
for journalists on hot industry topics. Working together, we put forth compelling content resulting in targeted news coverage across platforms.


We partner with clients to develop content that is a fit for media outlets, often resulting in guest columns and by-lined articles. To spark creative ideas, the team produces a weekly newsletter (Heard in the Atrium), designed to inform our partners on what themes are trending. 


Atrium identifies executives for speaking opportunities based on new business
and networking goals. We craft abstracts that align with event themes, garnering the most elite spots on the best stages. Clients are prepped for events, and we
arm them with information on participants to maximize ROI.


We identify, write and submit winning entries to the most prestigious global advertising and marketing recognition programs, which we submit for individuals, agencies and creative work. A few of these include Ad Age Rising Star, Adweek’s Fastest Growing Companies, FastCo Most Innovative Companies & Cannes Lions.


Clients are notified when press breaks, but we also measure and analyze results
for long term planning. Clients are provided with monthly media impressions reports and annual analysis to ensure year-to-year success. Reports are designed
in presentation format so successes can be shared internally.


We never want to use this skill, but if you need it, we are well-equipped to help you through a media crisis. This includes day to day consultation with C-level executives, crafting messaging, providing press commentary, situational analysis, guidance on internal communications… And importantly, emotional support!

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