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Building a brand is important
to our clients, but driving revenue
is what captures their hearts.

Atrium PR was created in 2014 by Founder and CEO Adrienne Scordato. Her vision was to build
an agency with heart and “high-touch” service – translation: kind people doing killer work.


Atrium helps clients develop and articulate an industry differentiation and then crafts a marketing communications plan to match, putting clients in the places and publications that matter.

Atrium’s day-to-day practice is based on strong writing and effective narratives. The team is trained
in the craft of journalism, so we write like reporters and function like a newsroom, even keeping our
clients up to speed on industry trends with a weekly newsletter, Heard in the Atrium.  




To add the cherry to the top, not only do we make our partners happy, but we plug into their clients’ PR dreams to deliver added value. This includes everything from lighting a campaign on fire with media coverage to placing a brand’s CMO on the world’s biggest stages. For free.

                                                                                                                     Yes, you read that correctly.

Right from the start of the engagement, we ask our partners for new business targets, because we are strategic stalkers. Each communications program we develop is tied to business goals and reaching client-side marketers and decision makers through media, event participation, awards, and content.

We like to think of ourselves as strategic stalkers; relentlessly pursuing press and new business targets.

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