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Our Process

We know that content plus media equals exposure. 

Atrium PR is a company that utilizes the power of content and media to drive exposure for businesses.  We create results that drive revenue.  We work with BtoB and BtoC clients to promote brands in the marketplace, across channels. The company’s goal is to utilize a client’s business development plans and put a compelling story in front of the right audience –the target customer!  

We understand you want a seasoned professional on your account. 

At our company you hire the person that will be working with you day-to-day.  Very often the person who pitches for your business is not the individual who services the account.  At our company, you get a strategic thinker with “rolled up sleeves.”  The person who drives strategy is the very same individual who will be representing your brand with the media. 

We can create a consortium. 

When you have worked in an industry for decades, you have friends everywhere.  So whether it is for an event or for your design needs, we can quickly ramp up for key projects.  This provides our clients with support and a team, without making a significant staff investment.   We can plug into your team or create one from scratch.  Think of it as our “little black book” of experts!

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