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Core Values

We have heart.

Listen – it's pretty simple.  We have all worked at places where your anxiety shoots up when you get off the elevator and the competitive environment is palpable. We want to succeed, but not at the expense of others.  We are likeable and will not work with (or for) people who aren’t.  Life is too short.  Our agency was named after a part of the heart for a reason.

We are honest.

You are paying us for a reason.  It is for our years of expertise.  We have been there and learned from it.  So you may disagree with our opinion (and that's cool...), but we will definitely give one to you (and then “get back in our lane”).  Trust us – you don’t want a “yes” person.  You want someone who has a viewpoint and will express it.  We are feisty and fierce…in the best way!

We are good communicators (go figure!).

Hope you don’t mind, but even though we have laptops and smartphones, we also like to hear the sound of your voice every once in a while (say, once a week?).  So we will always be excited to talk with you or even pay you a visit.  We are communications professionals, after all!

We like to have fun.

Don’t be surprised if we invite you for coffee, lunch or a drink.  After all, this is a relationship business. And business can (and should) be fun too!  We sprinkle spunk wherever we go like pixie dust.  So you may find a joke or two on our social feeds and, yes, that was a chuckle on our conference call!

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